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Moving Tips


Here are a few general moving tips to keep in mind when relocating:

~Start with a List~

For instance:
Starting with a list of all of the points that you wish to cover before, during and after your move, is the way to keep yourself from dissipating your energy trying to remember everything that needs to be done. That is essential to a glitch free relocation.

~1~ Get rid of what you don’t use. (Call charities or recycling.)
~2~ Use up what you can of stored food. Especially frozen items. Defrost refrigerator.
~3~ Pack least used items well in advance
~4~ Call your doctors to get written copies of medical and dental records. Any necessary prescriptions as well.
~5~ Arrange for the insurance of your possessions.
~6~ Send out change of address cards where necessary.
~7~ Purchase an expandable folder to keep all important documents for the move, as well as passports, birth certificates and any cash to have on hand for tips, etc.. You should plan on keeping these documents with you. Do not ship them with your belongings.
~8~ Keep all irreplaceable or valuable items with you. (Cameras, family photo albums, jewelry, or any other personal treasures should not be shipped.
~9~ If you have children, pack all items essential to their comfort. Familiar things like toys, beloved blankets and books will make for an easier transition.

~10~ If you decide to not use the Move Out Cleaning service, consider staying at a hotel the night before so that you can clean thoroughly. Many places will charge a fee for failure to do so, or it will hold up the closing.
~11~ Call utility companies for the final reading and give them your new address for the final bill.
~12~ Pack a kit to use in transit and for the first night of your arrival at your new home. This should include:
1. Toilet paper
2. Cleaning supplies
3. Shower curtain
4. Flashlight and night lights
5. First aid kit and any necessary prescriptions
6. Clean clothes
7. Air mattresses and sleeping bags (if you plan on staying in your new home before the furniture arrives.)

So, on with our moving tips.

~Devise a system

First of all, develop a system for keeping track of things. Keep it simple. However, don’t be too general in your descriptions. When it comes to these records the more specific you can be, the better. For instance, writing “Chinese Willow Pattern Dishes” is better than just writing “dishes”.
You may choose to keep this list on your laptop or a spiral notebook, whatever works for you.

Label every box that you pack with a number which has it’s corresponding list kept within this notebook. Make sure that you don’t mindlessly set it down anywhere. Designate a “Moving Central Station” that has everything you’ll need. This where to come to get all supplies such as packing tape, boxes, marking pens, scissors, bubble wrap and the like.

~Make sure you have ample supplies~

One of the best moving tips is quite simple:You almost can’t have too many boxes. Even if you end up with more than you need, the surplus can always be returned for a refund if unused. If you have gathered boxes yourself, then simply recycle. This is the eco friendly alternative to tossing them out. Whichever choice you make, don’t get stopped in the middle of your move by short changing yourself in this way.

Put aside approximately ten boxes for moving last minute things such as food, clothing, bedding and cleaning supplies. That way, even if it’s late at night you wont be stuck unable to finish your packing.

Don’t skimp on the packing tape since you want these boxes to hold.

Newsprint (which is the plain paper that newspapers are printed on) is the better choice for wrapping than newspaper, since the ink can stain your belongings. Make sure you have plenty on hand. You could even think outside the box and use your clothing for packing, killing the proverbial two birds with one stone. Conversely, bubble wrap is available for your convenience.

~Use a color coding system~

Another great moving tip is to assign a color for each of your rooms, such a yellow for the kitchen, blue for the bedroom, etc.. Then make a map of your new home utilizing the colors so that the movers will be able to tell which room they belong in. It’s a good idea to map where the large items will go within each room. Pieces such as the bed and other large furniture are better put in their permanent place, so you’re not moving them unnecessarily. Designate the area you want the boxes collected within each room by putting a color coded sign up for the movers, saying “Boxes Here”. Put another color sticker outside the door of the corresponding room so they can see at a glance where they should go.

~ Pack ahead~

Packing ahead will cause your stress level to go down considerably. Pack up all the non essential items as though you are going on a camping trip. Start with lower priority items well ahead of time marking these boxes Priority C. Using an A B C system to label the priority of your boxes will keep them from getting confused with your numbered boxes. Packing in advance will help you to formulate what it is that you really need, and which things you can live without. The final decision to get rid of stuff will be that much easier as a result.

~ Use luggage~

Want to locate something at a glance? Pack them in your luggage or duffle bags. They won’t get camouflaged by the myriad of boxes leaving you to search for numbers.

~Keep things together~

Make sure that things that are used together stay together. Things such as cords with appliances, bookends with books , lamps with light bulbs and the like should be kept in the same box. Any parts that must be disassembled are best kept together by using envelopes taped to the item itself. For larger pieces such as extension cords for a TV, a resealable plastic bag may be taped to the backside.

As a back up, you may also want to have a centrally placed box that is a catch all for any parts that don’t make it with the appliance. Just label clearly with the corresponding color so you keep tract of which appliance and room it belongs to. Keep this box with you.

~Use wardrobe boxes for bulky items~

These large boxes are not only great for putting hanging clothes into, but also other items from your closet like shoes, purses sweaters and such. Pack awkward but lightweight things like blankets and pillows together. Keep these boxes sufficiently lightweight since they are so large. No heavy items please.
It’s a good idea to put all your shoes into a few large sturdy bags at the bottom of your wardrobe box. This will make their later retrieval much easier and keep the pairs together.

~Make a cleaning kit~

If you plan on doing your own cleaning after your move, then you should gather your essential supplies into one box, so that you have everything that you need to finish the job properly.

Wrightway Movers has a move out cleaning service for your convenience.

~Make your bed~

As soon as possible set up your bedroom furniture and put the sheets and pillows on the beds making them ready for sleep. You’ll be glad you took the time before you were too tired.

~Have a toolkit available~

This is invaluable for easing into your new home. There are always unforeseen technical difficulties that spring up, but you will be ready for them.

~Make a haven~

A very good moving tip for when you have reached your new destination, is to set one room up to completion. This will go a long way in saving your sanity as it will give the feeling of normalcy with no boxes in sight. You will be refreshed and able to plunge back into the unpacking with renewed enthusiasm.

~Get to know your new neighborhood~

Once you are situated, why not schedule time to experience your new surroundings? If you do it at your leisure before the necessity dictates, it will be a more enjoyable process. Find the markets you like, where the post office is and even the local park. Take advantage of any facilities such as a tourist bureau to discover what the local attractions are or seek out a neighborhood organization that may help you find what your area has to offer in the way of activities and opportunities. Explore your new possibilities.

Relocating can be stressful but with proper planning, utilizing these moving tips, you will take the sting out of the experience.


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