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Packing Tips

Getting ready for your next move? There is an art to packing your house well and knowing how to pack properly will spare you much stress. Here are a few things to remember that will help ease the strain at this time of change.

Pack each room completely as you go~

If you approach your packing task in a systematic manner, you will be more organize and relaxed as a result. Pack the less used articles first, labeling them as 3rd Priority, or better yet, “Priority C” That way when it’s time to unpack you’ll know which boxes you can leave till last.

Label the boxes clearly and keep track of what you pack into each one. That way you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for easily thus saving you time and trouble. It’s also a good idea to be specific with the descriptions of your belongings. For instance, “Office Printer” is better to write rather than “Office”.

Use the proper container~

Wrightway Moving Company has specialized boxes for your packing needs. So instead of wrapping your glassware newsprint, you can simply place them in the boxes with dividers designed for that purpose.

They also have wardrobe boxes that have a bar at the top for hanging the clothes directly on the hangers, etc. You may fill in the spaces in the boxes with other articles, just don’t make them too heavy.

Using the proper size is crucial when choosing a box to pack in. For bulky but lightweight items such as blankets and pillows, a large box is good. However, for heavy articles such as books, small cartons are necessary. Otherwise the box will be too heavy and not only could strain the back of the lifter when loading, but could collapse the actual box, as well.

Tape the bottom of each carton~

To avoid mishap, tape the bottom of your boxes before packing them.

Pack heavy articles at the bottom~

This will prevent more lightweight items from damage. It will also be more securely balanced during the actual move in the truck.

Pack cartons properly~

Always pack the boxes completely without overfilling. Nothing should protrude from the natural angles of the box or you will be stacking directly onto your goods and risk damage. It will also make the boxes unstable. Conversely, an under packed box will tend to be crushed, causing the same problem. If there is a small empty space at the top it may be packed with paper or a small towel or such.

Pack with a lot if paper~

Using lots of paper will protect your valuables from breakage. Don’t forget to fill the bottom and sides with crumpled paper for extra protection.

Tape the top of each box~

Make sure the carton is closed securely and sealed with packing tape, again, making stacking easier and preventing damage.

Arrange breakables correctly in the box~

Glassware should remain upright with plenty of paper to protect each piece. Or you can buy boxes from Wrightway Moving designed especially for this purpose. Plates should be packed vertically (as you would in a dish drainer.).

Mark each box with the contents and priority~

Color coding comes in handy here. That way the movers can tell at a glance which room to place them in. If labeled “Priority A, B or C” you’ll see immediately the boxes in the order of importance. Always label on the side of each box rather than the top so that you can still identify the cartons even when stacked. If a certain carton must remain upright, draw large arrows indicting the end that must stay upright.

If moving locally you may not have to pack certain items~

Some of these articles include large picture frames, mirrors, and such. Lamps and their lampshades should always be in boxes.
If adhered to, these packing tips can go a long ways in helping you maintain an organized and stress-free relocation.

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